Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.15

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.15

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain

Another week another sports prediction done right. The Bears are in the Super Bowl along with the Colts. So in two weeks you will see a hard fought match that will go down to the last drive. Peyton Manning will lead the Colts with about 3 minutes left in the game scoring to put his team up by three. Then Hester will give the Bears good field position in the closing minutes of the game. Rex Grossman will try and do his all to win the game but he will fall short until the last pass he goes long and lucky catch will give the bears 1st and goal on the 3 yard line. Then re-living the '86 Super Bowl Urlacher will run in the final TD of the game giving their first title since '86. It will be considered one of the greatest Super Bowls in the last decade.

Trivia Time: Last week's winner was Eric Dunn. He won with this response. I think you would definately defeat a bear with your bare hands. First you
would poke it in the eye, then you would put it in a full-nelson, then you
would pour hot wax on it and then newspaper then proceed to rip the
newspaper off to give it a bald spot. Then you would give it the "People's
Elbow" you would then do as VanDamme of old (from Bloodsport) and get it in
a head-lock and yell "Say it!!!" Unti the bear finally gives up.

You would not defeat the colt. Not because you're not capable of doing so,
but to show to those that you can be as mean as a copper-head snake in a
circus basket, yet as gentle as Joey Gladstone from FullHouse.

Thank you Eric. Anywho, This week's question is What was DJ Tanner's boyfriend's name from Full House? The prize is a DVD of Cars.

Recommendations: Music: Listen to James Taylor if you want to be uplifted. Movie: Cars, I am watching it now it is good.

Not to keep talking about sports but the Jazz are making run for the top again winning three in a row they should without a loss until February. Go get 'em Jazz.

In closing thank you for all the kind words that I get from readers it really does make my day.

Have a great week I know I will.

Eric Jones


Anonymous said...


DJ Tanner's (Donna Jo "DJ" Margaret Tanner) boyfriend was Steven Hale, but
referred to as Steve. Steve broke up with DJ but he made a great comeback in
the series finale (the one where Michelle gets hurt in a horse riding
accident) and they get back together.

I'm really embarassed I know that, but there you go.

Erin Johnson

Anonymous said...

Steve Hale... duh!! Birthname Scott Weinger...anyone who doesn't know
that is clearly not a child from the 80's.

Mandy Clayton

Anonymous said...

think it was Scott, but I also heard he was the voice of aladin.

Eric Dunn

Anonymous said...

Tough one. Do you mean Scott Hale or Kimmy Gibbler because Kimmy was less than feminine. If that show were remade today there would be a few episodes with Kimmy making her move.

Gretel c/o Curtis

Anonymous said...


This is Adam, I met you at your wedding reception. I was with Des, Jenny's
school mate. DJ's boyfriend's name was Steve. He was a jock. Hopefully I

Adam Pace

Anonymous said...

Steve was his name, but there was also Nelson who was the rich boyfriend. That was a trick question right?

Adam Epson

Anonymous said...

well, i am just going off of memory and it has not been serving me well lately. my answer to the question is Steve. Steve was DJ's boyfriend on full house.

Andrea Wright

Go Jazz said...

So those were the answers it is clear to see that Erin was the winner being first and knowing a lot information that I didn't even ask for good job EJ (Erin Johnson not Eric Jones).

Anonymous said...

You are never going to make it as a fisherman you are too stinky.


your evil twin

Harry Stone
(From Night Court)