Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.39

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.39

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            July 13th came, Friday the 13th, excuse me, and went and I am still here.  So I've got that going for me.   Nothing really unusual happened on Friday the 13th.  But the most unusual thing that happened was when we went camping in Butterfield canyon.   The animals were acting very out-of-the-ordinary that night.  Particularly, a deer and a domestic black cat.  Arriving at the camp site, we began to prepare for the evening with fire building, tent set-up and other such things.   Danny and I went to find fire wood sufficient for a fire that would last throughout the night.  By 11:00 we realized we didn't have enough so we had to get more. We enjoyed a meal of hot dogs, Doritos and homemade ice cream with cobbler.   Let's just say the tastebuds were in a state of nirvana.  Not the band, the actual state of nirvana.  Look it up, its in the dictionary.   While hanging out by the fire, we heard some rustling and twigs cracking nearby and I thought to myself, "someone must be trying to sneak up on us and steal our gold!"   So I told Jenny to turn on the flashlight and point it in that direction and Danny squealed like a schoolgirl when the light shone upon a young deer not more than 10 feet away from us.   The deer would not leave us alone after that.  Jenny snuck up on it to get a close picture and those pictures will be posted on her blog.  After the deer left, with a little help from Danny, we heard a slight animal call and thinking it was the deer crying, Jenny shined the light in the direction of the animal call.  It was a domestic black cat.   We then determined that we must be camping on a pet cemetery due to the unusual nature of the animals and the black cat could quite possibly have been Jenny's old pet Hazel, RIP.

            Trivia Time: Last week's winners were Danny and Jenny they both knew that Friday the 13th is truly a scary day.  It is the day I got engaged to be married last year.   This week's question is:  How much faster does a piece of paper fall from a 20-ft. drop than a brick would fall from the same height?   The prize is a framed picture of me and my siblings when we were younger.  Recommendations:  I recommend that you watch VH1's World Series of Pop Culture.   You will get the perfect combo of movies & music while learning all at the same time. 

            July 14th proved to be even freakier that July 13th, when after enjoying our breakfast time we were approached by a young couple who asked if we had any jumper cables.   Always being prepared, I did.  So they inquired if we could give their car a jump due to the fact that they used their brights the night before in order that they could set-up their tent.   We agreed to do this service for them and headed up to their camp site.  This is where the story really gets good.   Arriving at the car, we popped our hood and they popped theirs.  I retrieved the cables and began walking to the front of the car.  The girl sitting in their car then asked, "So do we just start the car now?"   I did not respond and proceeded to hook up the batteries.  After hooking them up and waiting a moment to start the car, Danny saw that the front of the car was dented up quite a bit and asked, "So did you guys hit a deer?"   To which the same young female responded, "No, we just hit some bugs on the way up here and haven't washed the car yet."  Confused, Danny said, Oh well your front grill is all messed up. And she told the story of how a ladder fell on her car right after she bought it.  
Have a good week, I know I will.
Eric Jones



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