Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.09

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.09

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain

As I sit in front of the computer completing my homework, ahead of schedule I might add, I had to take a break to enjoy of the greatest things there are in this world they almost seem as if they are not from this world. Of course I am talking about typing my newsletter and the McRib from McDonalds. Just when economists thought that we were going to enter into an even bigger recession McDs brings back the McRib. I think that the McRib is made of a few important ingredients that make it so delicious. They are but not excluding all the essential food groups in one sandwich. These groups are meat, meat sauce, onions, bread, sugar and a new group that is not on the pyramid but should be because it has been proven to be so good on the McRib is angel tears. I think that millions of angels have willingly given tears to make the McRib the best sandwich this earth has ever tasted. I personally plan on eating at least three a week. I already ate one today and will suggest to the wife that we go get another for dinner. Did you know that if you get the meal deal for the McRib you can get another for just a dollar? That has to be the best thing since,… since,… well I don't really know what but it is awesome. So go enjoy and be greedy with these bad boys. I once ate three in one sitting, maybe the best day of my life? Well let's see here:

1. Day I got married of course

2. Day we got Frankie and Roscoe

3. Day I ate three McRibs in one sitting

That day is in pretty good company if you ask me. Those numbers are subject to change depending on how stupid Jenny says I am being for putting that in my top three. Really though I can't think of any day better.

Trivia Time: That last time I did trivia if you thought you knew the answer then you are the winner. So good job Danny. This week's question is in a regular deck of cards, the King of hearts in the king without what? The winner will receive a deck of cards.

In closing I would just like to give an update on Frankie. He is doing fine than k you for all of your concern. I am sure that some of you are now thinking what happened to Frankie. There was a time when he was mixing with a bad crowd and he thought it a good idea to dabble in drugs. Let's just say that he was living a rock and roll lifestyle without the income of a rock and roll and star. This story of course is a lie but in order for me to get the best benefit from having dogs I like to make up fake situations in which my future children could potentially get involved with. This helps me try and formulate answers for those situations that hopefully don't happen. Just this last week Jenny found a poem that she wrote about her first lost "love". I put love in quotations because I am still a firm believer that young teens don't really understand what love is. Anyway, after I read this I thought to myself how am I supposed to handle a hormonal teenager that thinks the world is over because she/he lost the "love of their life"? We came to the conclusion that Jenny would handle this aspect of life for our teenagers because I have hard time validating the notion of teenager love. I found as a teenager that it was more an infatuation. Maybe that was my because I really didn't hit puberty until last year.

Have a good week I know I will.

Eric Jones

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