Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 4.16 (Play to win)

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 4.16

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


It only happens every once and awhile when there is a TV event so powerful that it changes the nation.  This past week there was an even that since it aired the nation has been a little happier a little more willing to do good.  It is difficult at times to think about how something so simple could have such a profound effect on an entire nation.  Even those that didn't watch this event have felt the warming effects of the show.  Because when it is a high tide for some it is a high tide for all.  This week Tracy Morgan hosted SNL and the nation watched.  From the opening moments of the show things started to role and they kept on rolling until closing curtain.  Tracy Morgan just ain't right.  His sketches were a huge mind blow.  Houston we have a dog!; was one of the catch phrases from one of the sketches.  He was a director of a movie called Rocket Dog.  Where he strapped rockets on dogs and sent them flying through space.  It is sad to say this but none of the dogs or actors made it out of this movie alive.


Trivia Time:  Danny wins and I want to be on his team win Road Warrior time's role around.  This week's question is who will win more games in the NCAA tourney, BYU or Chattanooga?


Beat the Odds Tip:  Don't you know, don't you know things will change; things will go your way.


It is that time again.  Brackets baby, the NCAA tournament.  I am super excited for this year.  It is always more fun when your team gets into the big dance.  Last year I was the supervisor of the Doritos Bracket.  This just means that the winner gets bags of Doritos of chips from the losers.  Oh how sweet it is for the winner.  Last year it came down to the wire.  Anyone is welcome to play go to this link. http://killerinbluejeans.mayhem.cbssports.com/brackets   I think I need to add you or something but you can go to this link and try it out.  If it doesn't work then you can email me and I will make it work.  It is fun.  The wife played last year and as we watched the final game to see who would win it all we both were cheering.  Jenny kept asking, "Which team do I cheer for?"  I told her Memphis.  I was the only one that picked Kansas to win it all and that was the key to my success.  Being smart was also key.  Really I just pick the team that I think will win and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  I recommend listening to talk radio and then on Wednesday night you can fill out your bracket.  Think about Doritos.  Sweet, sweet Doritos.  I'll be right back…Doritos are so good.


Have a good week I know I will now keep your fingers crossed.

Eric Jones




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