Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.24

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.24
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt
-Mark Twain

I am here today to talk to you about what might seem to the majority of you as "random phenomena" but it is not. It is so mind boggling that as you are reading this there is a team of small horses pulling a small carriage full of small scientists trying to discover the meaning behind all of these dates. Kent Jones born May 25, Ann Jones January 09, Tim Jones July 21, Braden Jones January 23, Andrea Wright January 29, Eric Jones February 15. Now look at the dates of our spouses; Brittany Jones May 22, Mahina Jones January 18, Jeremy (Jdub) Wright April 4, Jenny Jones October 30. Now look at the birthdates of my nephews Payton Jones May 07, Ashton Wright May 01, Parker Jones February 05. Now the newest member of the family Bryce (not sure on spelling) Wright March 20. Did you see the "random phenomena" in the dates. As an immediate family we were all born on odd days. Our spouses are born on even days. My nephews are all born on odd days and now my niece was born on an even day. What does this all mean? I think that it is similar to the plot of the movie The Italian Job except there are no many Mini Coopers or theft or Mark Walberg.
Trivia Time: Last week's winner was Danny Sorensen, Jen Jones (my wife), and Zach Josie. Although Zach's Answer was the best overall he answered, "The answer is 2 people if those people are Danny Sorensen and Mark Eaton." Those are the people two people that could fit in an 1100 lb max elevator. What is the quickest way to eat an apple? The prize is a one way trip to Sudan. Good Luck.
Recommendations: Movie: TMNT oh wow what a movie! Music: The soundtrack to TMNT.
So as I mentioned above my sister bore here second child the first girl in our family since well I guess technically Jenny then Mahina then Brittany. But really I wanted to type the first girl in our family since Andrea. That just got weird, I think. Anyway my only advice to you is just keep rowing and eventually you get to where you need to be. Jenny and I will be taking a quick trip there way so that Jenny can sleep in the same house as a new born and hopefully be turned off the idea of having one in our possession for a little while.
Have a good week I know I will.
Eric Jones

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