Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.26

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.26
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt
-Mark Twain

I am sitting here with so much going through my mind. I started riding my scooter to work everyday this week and how awesome that has been. I get up to the line with cars and zoom I leave them in the dust. I think that the drivers of the cars are so mind boggled that they just sit there in amazement dreaming of how great their life would be if their were only me. Or the owner of an awesome scooter. Next item of business was one morning Jenny and I got out of bed almost at the same time I was a little bit faster than her getting ready so I left to work. Later that day Jenny told me this story and I quote, "I (Jenny) was in the shower just enjoying the alone time when the door crept open, I thought it was you so I looked out the foggy door and couldn't see anything when I thought it was really weird that the door was open like that. Poking my head from the shower I could see an image in the mirror and was saying your name (Eric) when suddenly the figure shut the bedroom door in front of him. I was frightened so I hid in the shower. Then this man came running at me from behind the door." At this point in the story I was really glad that I really hadn't left for work and was really the man being creepy. Ah life with me is crazy.
Trivia Time: Last week's winners were Danny and Andrea they both knew that you can only fold a piece of paper in half once then you are folding that piece of paper into quarters and so forth. This week's question is why is it an Easter bunny and not something else? The prize this week is a lamp.
Recommendations: Movie well I can tell you one movie that you shouldn't watch. Facing the Giants was really hard for me to get to the end of it without adlibbing some of my flagellant noises into it. Music: Recently I re-visited and old CD that I hadn't listened to for some time. That CD is The Best of Tom Jones. So listen and learn.
In closing I would like to talk about my Saturday. First off I scored the first goal of the soccer season and now I can't move. Later that day we went to the first Cobbler of Fire this summer season. While there we received a visit from the faithful county sheriffs department. The lady sheriff was really crazy. She informed us that we can't burn pallets but they make the best fires. Then she pulled out her tazer I think just to be cool or something. She flashed it at us a couple of times bragging that she had to be tazered in order to be a sheriff. I just heard a lot of brag brag brag. I was annoyed with this so we all started telling her to tazer somebody and there was kid there that we thought to be a prim candidate. After a lot of talking and cheering a small group of men got tazered. I did not; for I have a wife to think of. Anyway have a fun time and if your life ever gets boring just remember mine is pretty awesome.
Have a good week I know I will.

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Jenbug said...

Your wife looks really happy in that picture. She must really love you too! P.S. There are some spelling errors in your newsletter.