Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.28

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.28
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt
-Mark Twain

Did anyone else see how the Jazz completely blew their lead? I was watching the game just from the 3rd quarter on due to schedule conflicts. Still I was so shocked to see yet again a Jazz team that looked like a local High School team. Just a sorry excuse for a team. Carlos Boozer didn't hit one shot while I was watching and Memo, don't even get me started. The only player that I saw that remotely knew what he was doing was Slick Will. He was making decisions of a seasoned veteran as the point guard. Also the Jazz bench was yet again amazing. Matt Harpring and crew came out and really showed the young starting five how to play playoff basketball. My only hope is that Jerry Sloan gets his team together to put a stop to the Rockets. Yao more like little Bow Wow. T-Mac more like Big Mac and the rest of the team aren't even important enough to make mention of. The game biggest play was when the Jazz on a 4-1 fast break Derek Fisher missed a lay-up. Then Memo and Boozer fought for the rebound losing possession to a Lazy Asian ( Yao) whom was too lazy to make it to the defensive end of the court. Also AK-47 more like six shooter really didn't show up and when they showed him on the bench at the end of the game it looked like he wanted to vomit. I can't believe he let Russia down and Utah down but more importantly the whole Jazz team let me down in their first return to the playoffs in three seasons.
Trivia Time: Last week's winners were Eric and Curtis. They both knew that several were more than 4. Not 2 or 3. This week's question is How do you catch a lizard in the wild? The prize is Jazz jersey, which are surprisingly cheap right now.
Recommendations: Movie Disturbia is really awesome. Music: Recently I listened this song called Unwritten it is pretty gewd too.
Well, let's see I will try and end a more positive note. This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to drive the scooter in the snow. Turns out that doesn't work too well. I left work around noon to make to my class on time. It was starting to rain at that time. Getting to 3500 s my goggles got to so clogged up that I had to turn around and head home being closer to my house than work. There ate some hot dogs to cool my nerves because I almost drove off the road several times due to the fact that my goggles would get all snowy. Calling my brother he took me to work and since the father was out of town I took his car which was already at work. Now the part of the story that proves cool things happen to me is how I was able to leave my dad's car at work and still get home from work the day after the snow storm. The big coiuncedence came when I realized that I had a soccer game at the field right by my work. So Big Brudder came and picked me up taking me to the game and then home. It all worked out great. When father returned to work later that night he was able to get into his car and come home. Pretty cool how my life "rolls". I am so gangster. Have a good week I know I will.
Eric Jones

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