Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.32

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.32

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            Well times are great here in front of the computer.  It is strange to think that at my finger tips I am able to unlock the mysterious of pretty much everything that every man has ever known, but I almost always fail to spell all of my words correctly and put them in the correct grammatical form.   For instance, if I had turned the last sentence, yes it was only one; in to an English teacher they would have fainted for the poor structure.  I often think back on my High school career when I should have learned the bulk of this exciting and all I can remember is that I fell asleep a lot in my classes.  I blame the public school system for making their standards so low that I really didn't have to try hard to pass.   But like they always say what's in the past is past and what's in the future had better be green and easily foldable.  The Jazz didn't win their game of the series but they came out fighting and I feel that if you look back to the Jazz from late April and early May you will find that the Jazz playing now is leaps and bounds better.   They have matured enough to do great things in the near future and distant future.  They have made a statement to the Spurs and now the Spurs are over confident and fat headed.   Now is the time for the Jazz to swoop in and take them to town.  Jerry Sloan fouling and calling timeouts at the end of game was the best thing for this young team.   They needed to realize that every game is a battle and the leader of their team is on the field with them and is not backing down.

Trivia Time:  Danny was last week's winner knowing that the Beast is good nickname for the Paul Milsap.   This week's question is My mom offered my nephew $.05 per pine cone he picks up.  She then remarked if he picks up enough then they could buy a toy.   The question is how many pine cones does he have to pick up before he can get a good toy?  The prize is a pine cone bird feeder.

Recommendations:  Movie:  It was told to me that Shrek III is pretty good.   But alas the trilogy did not make it into the top 5 best of all times.  Music:  Lately I have been listening to a lot of bands from Michigan one that I particularly enjoy is The Mighty Norwhale.

For an interesting story about my Sunday go to Jenny's blog at http://www.jenbugsworld.blogspot.com/ Good luck!  On Wednesday I was able to go to a magical place in Utah called the Jordanelle Special Service District.   Okay maybe less magical and more interesting.  There is a water treatment plant there, which treats water that comes out of a mine from deep the mountain directly west of Jordanelle reservoir.   I don't know why I just typed that.  The thing is it was pretty cool.  Also this Saturday was a very eventful day in Jenny's and my lives.   We started out going to Oakcrest girls camp to clean it up and let me tell you I was just angry the whole time thinking why don't the girls that come up here clean these cabins?   I think that if they did there would be a lot less graffiti all over the walls, rafters and mattresses.  All in all the girls have a pretty plush life up there.   Jenny and I in hopes to get into a sweet place for a little while were thinking about either just squatting in one of the houses or putting down a payment on a cabin there.  Turns out you can't do that.  We finished the Saturday festivities by singing karaoke at my cousins wedding open house.  He was recently married so congratulations to him and his new wife.   Jenny and I performed our rendition of A Whole New World from Aladdin.  Some said that it was most riveting and daring performance their ears could tolerate.

Have a good week I know I will.   

Eric Jones


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