Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.31

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.31

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            Go Jazz!  It appears that the Jazz are a "Beast" says Charles Barkley.    I really like Charles because he knows a good team from a team that just got lucky because they [Dallas] had an under experienced coach at the helm.   As for the Jazz Sloan is a beast Milsap is a beast, Williams is a beast and Boozer is a beast.  Today in Elder's quorum the president asked one of the most important gospel questions of all time.   "So, huh, are the Jazz going to win?"  Then began the skeptics saying no they are not going to win the Warriors are too good at home and they will lose by 15 or more.   Only two men were bold enough to step forth and say that the Jazz will win.  I even put a numerical value to their victory.   I says to them that the Jazz will win by 5.  I was wrong they won by 13.  So awesome!  I am sure that people all around the state were cheering for the Jazz.   I am also glad that it appears Baron Davis and Jason Richardson will be getting fines.  I am sick of the thugs of the Warriors.   Acting like little children just because they were having an off night.  I agree with Charles in that the series will be over on Tuesday night.   One last thing about the game does anybody else think that Gordan Girieck is being paid to play bad?  I feel that he was personally responsible for 15 of the 21 Jazz turnovers.   The Jazz had one turnover in the fourth quarter and they outscored the Warriors by 17 points and Giri wasn't playing.  Pretty sweet. Go Jazz!

Trivia Time The winners from last week were Adam P, Adam E, Tim, and Curtis.  Oh and Jenny got it too because I told her then she remembered.   This week's question is, Should Paul Milsap's nickname be the Beast?  The prize is a Milsap jersey.

Recommendations:  Movie: Music and Lyrics was a really good romantic comedy.   With an outstanding soundtrack.  Music is Elliot Smith he has a new album out from the other side of the veil and it is really good.

Moms! I enjoy the comment that goes we wouldn't be here without mothers because I wouldn't be here without a lot of things, not just a mother.   Not to downplay the role of mothers because they are very crucial in the righteous upbringing of youth.  So in church, did anyone else get the stripling warriors story today?   We did!  We also heard a comment that says, "God can't be everywhere that's why he invented mothers." The truth is America, that God CAN be everywhere, that's why he invented brothers! Jenny's interpretation of this statement is that if two brothers are really going at it, like brothers do, God knew it would be okay because he would be there to intervene.   Not Him physically, but the Holy Ghost would be there trying to soften the hearts of the two young men.  Moms really are great.   And they really are the ones who intervene in the end.  So good job mom!  Without you, brother might have killed me?  

Have a good week I know I will.   

Eric Jones


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