Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.35

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.35

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            The early bird gets the worm!  That has been a saying I have heard throughout my life but all I can say about that is, the early bird gets to wait more.   It is interesting that the earlier that I show up somewheres the more the more I have to wait for the on goings to get going on.  I just heard on the radio. "If you have too much money, stop listening, if you don't have too much money keep listening."   Needless to say I stopped listening, not because I have too much money but because the guys voice was so boring.  Also I have been thinking about commercials on TV and how much I don't like them.   Thanks to DVR, Tivo, or some other way you have not to watch commercials, we don't have to watch them anymore.  I guess the big corporations don't like this very much so they are working on ways to get advertisements on the popular TV shows so that we can't fast forward them.   Look for more bottom of the screen advertisements to keep popping up every few minutes on the screen to remind us of how great products are.  Another way they might get us is thusly.   They will pay the TV show to advertise for them, by using their product in their show.  Sometimes I think that if I weren't addicted TV I would just stop watching it altogether.

                Uptown Girl is on the radio, you know by Billy Joel.   It is an awesome song.

                Trivia Time:  Last week's question seemed to be too difficult for the readers so I have decided not to ask something along those lines again.   This week's question is What were the original 13 colonies?  The prize is chance to go back and visit one of the original colony settlement per my recreation of it in my backyard.   That's a pretty sweet prize.

                Recommendations:  Movie: This week's movie is Waitress.   When you go see there is a lot of food talk so don't be hungry and make sure that you get the kid at the counter not to butter your popcorn too much.   Music:  Well since there was already the mention of him Billy Joel would be tickled pink this was dedicated to him.

                If you could all join me in tipping your hats to a young lady who is dear to my heart.   Jenny Jones (My wife) (Not the TV host) has received her license and is now a practicing Hygienist for a local Dentist.  The Dentist is Dr. Smith he is Murray so if you want tickets to Jenny operate her magic you will need to purchase them from Dr. Smith's front office or ticket box office.   The plans I have now that Jenny is the big breadwinner.  First off new sweats for me! Then only the finest cans of Pepsi.   Oh the possibilities are endless!

Have a good week I know I will.

Eric Jones


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