Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.34

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.34

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            Swing, kaboom, that's a world record.  Jenny and I went to the local driving range on Friday and what a day it was.   She was hitting the ball really well and I was doing okay.  We went to go hit some dingers at the batting cages but that didn't work out because our friend that was to help us start out the new season was unavailable so we had to postpone the season opener.   It will happen soon enough my friends.  So anyway my blog has reached awesome status with the addition of a video that will be changed every week.   So you should go there after reading the letter to see the featured video of the week thanks the www I am able to make this possible.  The web address of the blog is oprahismymom.blogspot.com .  I am pretty sure that you will love this week's video unless you don't have a pulse then you probably wont like it at all.   Also you can go to Jenny's blog to see the pictures from our recent trip.

            Trivia Time: Last week's winners were Eric Dunn, and Russ.  Although Russ' answer a lot more accurate Eric also wins. Russ said this. " how many lick does it take to get to the center of a tootise pop?........... what is this a Riley joke?  if you were riley it would only take one lick then a chew and swallow."  This week's question is what the world record for the longest Kangaroo jump?   The prize is a free ride on the back of a Kangaroo.

            Recommendations:   Movie Jenny and I watched the original Thomas Crown Affair and I recommend that you don't watch that.  Music is good you should listen to it, a lot.

            Danny Sorensen was quoted as one of the most creative daters in 2007 by Katie Strong.   So Jenny and I were the beneficiaries of his creativeness as he let us tag along on his date Saturday night.  Which is nice, because it not only saves me from planning something creative but it got us out of the house to enjoy NATURE!!!? It is our friend by the way.   We started our journey up Spanish Fork canyon and then went into Diamond Fork canyon which I didn't know existed.  After stopping to make Danny's world (by world I mean a select few people in the Salt Lake Valley) famous Peach Cobbler we made it to the trailhead.  Danny said it was a mile so we just figured that we were really slow.  At the top of the hike we found hot springs that were oh so delightful. So if you have about 4 hours from Salt Lake you can make it to these hot springs and enjoy the sulfur smell and the warm water!

Have a good week I know I will.

Eric Jones

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Jenbug said...

Same video as last week but I still loved it!