Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.37

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.37

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            Well we have returned from what will be forever known as the great sunburn excursion of 2007.    It is hard to believe that the weekend is over and I we be returning to the grindstone.  It wont be for a good while until I get out of here for another trip of any nature; unless it is to the doctor to have them surgically put some skin back onto my body, because it all fell off.   We, as a Jones family, took our yearly trip up to Island Park to see where it all begins.  I don't really know what begins where but I have always wanted to say that about something so I figured that now would be as good time as any.   Where it all began.  Oh can you imagine?  Arriving there we took full advantage of lounging around and doing next to nothing.   Oh the simple life.  Of course it comes with its pains also.  Since the theme of my trip was where it all begins I decided that I would try not to use these modern tools to make my life easier.   So the day that we floated what some have described as the world's worst river to float, I didn't put on any sunscreen.  That was Friday and I am still in loads of pain.   In fact it hurts to wear shirts.  I thought about not wearing a shirt the rest of the time, but it seemed to be too illogical.   I thought to myself what would the beginning people have done?  So I went back to the cabin and took a cold shower then I took some pills and called it a success story applying some fake tattoos and having a good laugh with the family.   All in all I think that I stayed true to the roots of the people who started it all in the year of 1980.  Oh the humanity.   We also spent sometime in Yellowstone.  We saw the hot pots, almost saw three bears, bison, elk, moose and of course Old Faithful.  What was most impressive is that we saw 44 of the 50 states represented there that day.   We only lacked Mississippi, West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Alaska.  It was the same thing my mom did when she went to Yellowstone for her first time.   Not to say this was my first time, because it wasn't.  I am also pretty sure it wont be my last time.

            Trivia Time:  Last week's winners were Jenny and Danny. They both knew that John Cusack has been too many good movies to say which one is the best.   I would say its Say Anything if I had to though.  This week's question is:  How Faithful is Old Faithful?   The prize is a free video of Old Faithful going off.

            Recommendations:  Bridge to Terabithia.  It is super sad and I don't want to watch it again.  Music: Is not Cher.  On the way home we listened to her and I don't want to do that for another year.

            Also don't forget to check out the blog of the century for a special 4 th of July treat.  Happy July.

Have a good week I know I will.


Eric Jones


Jenbug said...

That is a really poorly made slideshow, although the message is still the same, we will put a boot in your ass!

cdsdds said...

There is something wrong with your embeded videos. When I click on it, the movie doesn't play, just the picture of Jenny shows up. Am I missing something?