Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.03

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.03

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            Well since I did not write a letter on Sunday night I will be writing today because I am up on the hill waiting for my lab to start.   Oh what a time I have had my first semester at the U of U aka the Lords chosen school.  As I think about the game this last week I realized something.   The Utes decided two things.  First they wanted to give the fans a great game that had them cheering and working off the Thanksgiving feast they partook of two days prior.   Second, they knew that a victory them was just another drop in a barrel that is already sufficient full, but to BYU a victory was a necessary evil.  If they didn't win it could have been the end of some many things they thought were wonderful about this world.  Life throws you many different pitches it is a matter of swinging at those pitches or striking out looking.   That metaphor doesn't fit anywhere in what I was talking about I just wanted to put something inspirational in there, you know for the kids.

            Trivia Time: Last week's winner was Jenny Jones she knew that I was quoting the infamous Beethoven. What a good movie?   This weeks question is a poll that I will have posted on my blog until Christmas.  It will see who thinks what movie is the best Christmas movie on the block.

            So I wanted to talk about something very disturbing, those with weak stomachs might not be able to tolerate it.   So our dog Frankie, the white one, was sent to the adoption agency because his first owner died.  Jenny and I have not had a problem with him trying to kill us rather a problem with him putting the moves on Jenny.   It started with innocent face licking then moved a quick nibble on the ear.  Recently Frankie has stepped up his game by trying to bite her bum.   He was however successful in biting her on the chest region.  Oh Frankie why do you have to be such a perv?

Have a good week I know I will.   

Eric Jones

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