I know very often people just read the newsletter so I thought to give a little extra to the blog checkers. So here it is a picture of the Mailman. Maybe this will boost the Jazz back to the tops of the NBA.

Also I thought it a good idea to relive some of my finer memories from the years past...?

The Portland/Seattle trip where we stopped to take in some of the world as we knew it then. We also went hiking a little bit in this area. We had been awake for over 24 hours at this point so as to not get lost and fall asleep in some bushes we kept on going until we made it to the Hotel.

Finally a picture that will forever go down as one of the only times in my life that I thought about running away to open a small buisness that would provide goods and services to a small town. Also I would have changed my name to Sam. You know in the old movies the guy that runs these places is always named Sam. I wonder if that was law. If it is the law, I have to change my name because the law is the law.


The Jones' said...

You're a goof

Andi Wright said...

Very nice pictures...I love the one on the side of Frankie! Ashton just kept asking me, "who is that naked guy"? I think that he really enjoyed the speedo picture! I just checked your blog by accident and I am glad that I did!!!

sorensenpower said...

I think Andi Wright checked your blog by accident and our speedo packages on purpose?

sorensenpower said...

My sister was looking at your blog yesterday and my nephew did not appreciate my speedo. On Christmas Eve, he made sure to tell me my swimming suit was really gross!