Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.40

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.40

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


 As I sit here on one of my 7 15 minute breaks that we get now due to the 10-hour work day, I can only reflect on how great my summer was.  For you see school starts again this week.  I only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which is awesome.  I planned it that way so I had more time to work and still maintain my 1.5 GPA average.  Really it is harder to maintain a lower GPA because you can't try so hard that you get a C you have try so little that you only get a D+ or D.  You know, when I look back on my college career I will be able to say I accomplished a "perfect" GPA, only if I can ride this 1.5 for another 32 weeks.  It is so crazy to say that I only 32 weeks of school left.  It seemed like when I was kindergarten that school was never going to be over.  Believe me, I thought that kind of stuff and kept a large paper chain of first the years I had to complete to be done with school.  Then the year chain turned into a weeks chain this past summer.  Soon enough it will become a days chain.  Also last night as I saw how excited my niece was for her first day of school, I thought, when did I stop being excited for school?  I would have to say it was ninth grade year.  I think was a combination of two things, one Mrs. Jackman, that ornery old bag and the lack of armpit hair.  I mean come on I was the big man at school and I couldn't even grow a rich supply of armpit hair.  I think that is when I realized that school was merely a means to an end rather than a 24/7 hang out with friends.


Trivia Time:  Last week's question had some good answers ranging from a world class ping pong player to diver or maybe even swimmer, but if I were an Olympian I would have to be Para Olympian.  Think of the advantage I would have!  This week's question is how many medals should be taken away from the Chinese for cheating?


Beat the odds tip: Always carry two sacks with you, that way if somebody says, "Hey can you help me?"  Your response will be, "Sorry, I got these sacks."


Maturity is a strange thing.  I don't really have and when I think to myself I am being really mature I will almost instantaneously do something that will make me regress to old immature Eric.  This Eric I think is a little more attractive than mature Eric.  Immature Eric is the one that has a smile on his face and his hygiene is a little bit better than mature Eric.  I really think that immature Eric is doing all that he can to stay alive but mature Eric is trying so hard so kill him.  I give immature Eric another decade and mature Eric will have won the battle.  There is a battle inside of me between two Erics, Mature and Immature.  The one that wins will be the one I feed.


Have a good week I know I will.

Eric Jones

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cdsdds said...

Which Eric, mature or immature, is Jenny rooting for to win the battle?