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I have made it my goal to send in a ridiculous email to the DJ and PK show everday. I hope that they soon start catching on so they can realize how awesome it is to have such a huge fan of the truly absurd.


The Jazzman? Not Karl or John. It was Doctor Dunkenstien, the Golden Griffith. Or maybe John Crotty, what about Rudd. All of these players truly sum up the true meaning of the Jazz. Hard work and crazy results. But seriously what about players that also worked as Police officers thus Mr. Jazz would be Olden Polynice. If you are holding a contest for popularity where a sash is awarded for being Mr. jazz; what about John Amaechi? But in all seriousness Greg Ostertag is the reason why the Jazz were consistently good through out the late 90's and making the run to the championship.

Eric Jones"


Innovators of their sports. As I think back on my short life span I think about players that truly changed the way we view the sports world is Manute Bol.
An above seven footer who could drop the long bomb on a consistent basis. Although he didn't make them with same consistency. Also it is noted that Bol signed a one-day contract with the Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League to raise money for the Sudanese, and also had a brief stint as a horse jockey for similar reasons. His hockey publicity stunt, during which he never actually got on the ice, was ranked No. 92 overall in the book "Glow Pucks & 10-Cent Beer: The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History" by author Greg Wyshynski. Manute an innovator, you know this.
Eric Jones"


You know that Dee Brown is a better third point guard than Ronny Price. Ronny is just another name of a long list of bad back up point guards. When I was a young man this what I saw come off the bench and it was terrible to see: John Crotty, Jay Humphries, Erik Murdock, Howard Eisley, and Carlos Arroyo? I think that Dee Brown was the first back up point that I was actually excited to see get off the bench. Now I have to watch Ronny Price "maybe" get off the bench. I say boo to Ronny. Yeah to Dee.

Eric Jones"

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