Our House!

Our House is a very fine house...
Here is our house from the front, through the great trees we have in the front.
Another front shot! Ooh La La!
Let's go inside...
The Front room.
The Kitchen, where Jenny has fed me several meals, that are good too!
The Hallway or a bedroom that is long and skinny that people walk down.
The Bathroom
The Bathroom
The guest bedroom where put all the stuff we don't know what to do with it.
The master bedroom, I am still asleep. Look closely!
Not pictured, the closets, the garage, Jenny, the full yard. You will have to come to the house to see those items!


airteresa said...

I love the house! My favorite room is the living room. I would have picked the Master Bedroom, but Eric was asleep in the bed. This affected my perception of how welcoming the room is. I wouldn't be welcoming if I was in bed either Eric.

Mandy said...

Sweet house! What a perfect home for you newlyweds. We are so excited for you new homeowners. You'll have to teach us a thing or two when we grow up enough to own a home. Eric, we are glad you stepped up to the plate and posted pictures since we were getting sick of checking Jenny's blog several times a day for the promised pictures that just haven't appeared! We can't wait to see it in person! Love, Rob, Mandy, Evan, & nameless fetus