Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.48

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 2.48

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


            As I sit here thinking of how Columbus sailed the ocean blue I think of the metaphorical sailing of the ocean each one of us as to take in our lives.   If you can't tell from my first sentence I have done a lot of growing up since the last time I sent out an email.  As a home owner I can't be immature anymore I have to make professional phone calls and do things that adults do.   Let's just say that I don't wear anymore funny clothes that make people think less of me.  Also I am very prompt on that I have to do.   Since I practically wear a tuxedo every day I have to act accordingly.  Oh also I don't drink Pepsi anymore, because it is so delicious but alas it is bad for you.   I also don't use sarcasms as a form of communication because lets face it, sarcasm only hurts everybody.  Ok I have to confess owning a home with Jenny really hasn't changed me too much.   I still love to live life man.  It's like I am just one person and I am who I am.  Really the only thing that has changed is the amount of money I spend.   A house should be less money but it isn't. 

            Getting back to the beginning.  As I sit here thinking of how Columbus sailed the ocean blue I think of the metaphorical sailing of the ocean each one of us as to take in our lives.   Staying true to that I often ponder how I am in school and every time that I get overwhelmed with several assignments and I get frustrated with having to use public transportation because the parking is too expensive at the U and how they should pass some sort of a smelly law for using public transport.    90% of the people that ride busses and trax have some sort of a skin disease that makes them smell like bad things.  I like to play a game with these people.   The game is this.  Lets see close I can get to them without having the desire to vomit.  The normal distance is about 3 ft.   But sometimes when sinuses are really clogged I can make it to within 2 ft or closer.  It is a dangerous game I am playing.   But somebody has to do it.  I just realized something I said that people on trax smell bad; that is not true.  Just on the busses.    Back to my thought of my journey across the ocean.  How do I even know that I have crossed my ocean or even if I am in route across it right now?   Maybe my ocean is still in my near future?  All of these questions run through my head every Columbus day.  So thank you Chris.   That wasn't meant to be sarcastic, see first paragraph.

            Just a quick update.  I am about half way through my junior year in the Engineering program at the U.   Also I was recently given an opportunity to work with a professor on a research assignment at the U.  The research is basically about oil developments in Eastern Utah.  So I got that going for me too.

Have a good week I know I will.   

Eric Jones

PS photos of the house on my blog at www.oprahismymom.blogspot.com

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