Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.22

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.22

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain

The world is a beautiful place.  Sometimes it takes the coming of a difficult time in your life to realize that there is so much beauty around us in this world.   With the addition of three new babies in my life it is easy to see the beauty with that whole process.  But often times we miss the things that are beautiful but that aren't as obvious as a new born baby.  For instance at the base of the mountains here in the Salt Lake Valley there is a place where when the snow melts it begins to form a shape that I don't know really how to describe but as you come around the bend on I-215 heading east you get a perfect shot of this once a season experience.  I am sure that thousands of people see it every day but very few actually see as I see it.  This might sound weird but I enjoy things that are constant.  So to see this every year is kind of important to me.  As this past week came to a close, my body began to sense that I was about to embark on something huge.  Coming home from work on Thursday I began to search for my favorite thing on the mountain, but alas I could not find it.  I began to grow even more anxious.  It was little things like that that had been happening all week long last week that made feel like I was going to fail miserably.  So Saturday came I left at 6:45 am to go sit in a room with about 200 nerds to be tested on our nerd power.  If you could turn my nerd power into a super hero it would similar to Robin.  You know not really a super hero just a want to be super hero.  So I took the 8 hour test and felt ok afterward.  As I came home from that I saw it there it was my favorite thing about the Rocky Mountain.  A stupid little snow melt formation that lets me know that this beautiful world is still beautiful.  Also there are other things in this world that let me know just how great it is.  Like today, I was riding home on the train just staring out the window hoping to see something exciting.  Sure enough I saw an old biker riding alongside the train.  His beard flew into his face blocking his vision partially.  Then the magic happened, a car started to pass this seemingly 80 year old man on a motorcycle.  Then boom he extended his arm with a fist, and then the fist morphed beautifully into a bird.  What a fantastic end to a day.  No what I am going to the Jazz game tonight so that will be the best end to this day.  I know that this was really corny but, you know sometimes this brain can't force out jokes, it needs brakes too you know.  Go Jazz!

Trivia Time:  The world's biggest baby was 28 lbs 4 oz.  So you Nancys that had a little baby need to thank your lucky stars that your babies weren't that big.  This week's question is what is the name of Zach Morris' rebel girlfriend?

Have a good week I know I will.  

Eric Jones

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