Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.28

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 3.28

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain

Big News week!  It is weeks like these that make you really reflect on your life and think about all of the good that you have done and all of the good you still yet have to do.  As Jenny and I got the good news we were so excited to know that our lives would be that much better.  Life is like an intricately woven coat of many colors.  A coat that is so delicately woven that when you hold the coat up to the light you can't see through the material; it is so tightly woven.  The colors are so bright that one needs to shield their eyes from the coat because it is too bright.  Much like the coat of Joseph this week has brought us great joy and happiness.  For those of you that don't know Joseph is the main character in a musical.  Donny Osmond's portrayal of this man is breath taking much the great excitement we have had in our lives this past week.  If by this point you haven't picked up on the great excitement Jenny and are experiencing, then you don't anything.  I will tell you why we are so excited.  Barbeque season has officially opened.  Our patio is starting to turn into something that I don't just want to throw away and start over.  We have lights and furniture and as soon as we have our BBQ we are going to go crazy.  We will probably live outside just because we have coats of blessings that are tightly woven for warmth.  Also, the father and I have recently been doing some electrical work on this old house.  We have made it so when I need to throw things away at midnight I don't have to do so in the dark.  Soon enough I will have some plugs on the outside of my house so I can start to compete in the Jones Family Christmas light contest.  However, the father has also been preparing for this season's competition he will probably win.  He is such a brag face.

Trivia Time:  It was good to hear that some of you took the quiz and did well.  This week's question is how many times the Celtics and Lakers have been in the finals against each other.  Go Celtics.  I hate those Lakers so much.

Beat the Odds Tip: Marriage is an institution that fails as often as it succeeds so the beat the odds tip for marriage is: "Couples that pray together stay together."

Summer is in full swing and Jenny and I are trying to get out there and swing.  Oh wait that doesn't sound right we are trying to get out there and enjoy the summer to the extreme.  Does that sound better than swinging? It is like we are on a baseball team that is trying to win the championship and we are just trying to hit homeruns by swinging away.  Oh wait that is just as bad as the first one. Um we are going to life live like it has never been lived before.

Have a good week I know I will.  

Eric Jones

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