Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 4.14 (you were hoping these had stopped but they didn't)

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 4.14

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain


The cellular phone is an invention that makes us think what did we ever do with out you?  Much like the automobile or the airplane or the pogo stick or the envelope or the T-shirt.  But sometimes cellular phones really seem to make life not so easy for people.  Like when the cell phone decides it needs to be used all of the time.  For instance I don't if any other news station reported this as news last night but Fox 13 related a story about a 19 yr old girl that claimed a cop used excessive force.  You know okay that might be the case but as they showed the occurrence I couldn't help but watch that and listen to what the girl said about being respected and making sure that this type of incident doesn't happen again.  I only had one thought and it was, hang up the phone. It is like Triple T says, 'if you don't respect the arts, the arts wont respect you.' (By arts I mean cops)  I only know of one business that refuses service to cell phone users and I applaud that business.  It is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Gateway.  I noticed the sign but this kid, who was talking on a phone, did not; so as he stood at the counter talking to who knows what, the workers sat and starred at him.  It was great because he started to make comments about it to the person he was talking to.  Then somebody tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the sign.  He quickly turned left the store and returned when the call was over.  I too am a cell phone user that places an order in between sentences but maybe that needs to change.  I personally am glad that cell phone use in cars is going to become illegal.  I think that cell phones should become illegal and we should go back to begging people for change so we can make a call at the pay phone.  Do we really want to deprive our youth of begging for change?  What other way will they learn that that is no life for them?


Trivia Time:  I was lightheaded because my soda to good food intake was a little skewed that morning.  This week's question is when does anybody else think that voodoo should be the main driving force that gets us out of this economic down turn?


Beat the Odds Tip:   Never play cards with a man that has the same first name as a city.


More legislative talk.  I am not a drinker nor will I ever become one.  However, alcohol is there and for some reason people enjoy ingesting it.  Maybe it is a lot like how I like to ingest burritos.  Any who currently there is a little piece of legislation that would require restaurants that sell alcohol to place a barrier between the booze and the children.  Will somebody please think of the children!  Also they have placed an amendment at the end of the bill that would prohibit the appearance of being drunk in public.  So let's just pretend that this bill was around when I was in High School.  I would probably have a record for public assery.  I don't know what they are terming it I just thought that was good.  I have two points I want to make here.  Why is that we live in a state that is primarily made of people that constantly say we need to deregulate every thing, yet they want to regulate things that they don't like.  Do you think that if they knew people put alcohol into jello they would regulate the sale of jello?   Wouldn't it be accurate to say that majority of people that drink decided that they were going to drink and it doesn't matter where you hide the booze?  It is on their TV every day several times a day.  I don't know what to say all I can say is let the drinkers drink!  It is good for the economy? 


Have a good week I know I will

Eric Jones


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cdsdds said...

I like your tip. Here are two more: never date a women who has a tattoo of a dagger on her body and never get less than 12 hours of sleep. Stick to those, and the rest of life is cream cheese.