Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.23 (Is this the end of an era?)

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.23

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt

-Mark Twain



This past Saturday Jenny, Gigi and I had a very fun adventure. We recently purchased season passes to Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo. If you live in Salt Lake County you can purchase said pass for a mere $30 per person. This is the same price as one admission, FYI. So on Saturday as a Family we went down to the park to get wet and wild. The first thing that I noticed is that even in Provo there are a lot of tattoos that make you think, "How drunk were you when you decided that was a good idea." This includes neck tattoos (on men and women), tattoos that went all the way up a leg that doesn't really need attention brought to it and tattoos that are on the side of the torso (This means that the tattoo is only visible about 2% of the time because the other 98% of the time the person is wearing more than a swimsuit). In addition to the weird tattoos people at the park, including me, should probably wear more clothing. This statement of course excludes the woman that was wearing a house dress and the guy that had on tennis shoes, socks, shorts and a shirt. We did see the woman in one the pools the guy was just wondering around probably up to no good. Anywho, people should probably feel a little more ashamed of their bodies, this would solve a lot of the world's problems. Like involuntarily vomiting and the heebie jeebies. The funny thing is when I went to these places as a hormonally charged teenager the items I just described were items I looked forward to. Well that and getting awesome water wedges. After the water park we decided since we were down in Utah Valley we should go and see Jenny's brother. As I tried to 1) remember where they lived and 2) navigate my way through several cities we came across a fire in the middle of the street. I says to Jenny I says, "There is something on fire in the street up ahead." She saw the smoke and we were very intrigued. Come to find out it was a motorcycle. The flames were like 20 feet high and as we approached the accident I think a hole in the gas line developed because this really cool flame started to shoot out of the side of the bike. It must have been really loud because the people that were outside of their cars started to run away. We didn't get to hear it because we couldn't roll down our windows due to a new tint job. We were right there when the firefighters came up to fire, laughed, took out their hose and in less than 10 seconds the fire was out. It was totally awesome. To make a long story short, maybe Utah Valley isn't that bad after all.  


Trivia Time: If you have picked Argentina or Brazil to win the World cup then you are probably right. If you thought France had a chance then you are completely wrong. This week's question is, what is more annoying losing a nail completely or having a fingernail hold on for dear life?


Guess the Injury: No injuries to report this week. Last week's injury was I got hit in the face with a kneeboard after what could only be described as a funny crash.


The USA soccer team was robbed by the referee on Friday's game. But showing their tough Merican spirits the Yanks were able to tie the game at 2 – 2 and still have a great chance to not only make it out of group play but to win the group. Since England tied Algeria now all 4 teams could still advance out of group play. So that means that Algeria will have to try and score on more than just counter attacks. This should open the field up a little bit more for the attacking offense of the USA. If you have already scheduled meetings for Wednesday at 8 AM then you need to cancel them. If you are not by a TV that gets either ESPN or Univision then you need to re-arrange you calendar to get near one. This is going to be a good game. I predict that the USA wins 2 – 1 or maybe even 2 – 0. But we score twice that is all that matters. This means if England wins their game they have to win by more goals then we do to win the group. I am super excited for the game I can't say what I will do if the USA doesn't win. I will probably grow a beard until the next World Cup or maybe I will try and gain 20 pounds. Whichever I choose my life is going to get pretty cruddy.


Have a good week I know I will

Eric Jones



Wright Family Fun!! said...

Ok so Chris and I are wanting to know how you got the passes to 7 peaks for 30.00?? Where did you buy them?

Send in the Clown said...

It was a special offer the had for people that lived in Salt Lake County. I think that the offered expired.

Send in the Clown said...
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