Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.33 (There are heros among us, not just angels)

Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.33
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt
-Mark Twain

I had planned on talking about TV and how awesome it is going to be and how much I enjoy turning into a zombie in front of the Great Over-Lord, the TV. But there was a crazy fire that happened yesterday causing evacuations of family and friends from their Herriman homes. The crazy thing is Jenny just this last week read an article about getting ready for a house fire. The article pointed out what should have ready to go when fire strikes. We all remember my list of items in order of their importance (Wife, kids, dogs, Nintendo, computer, Rad on DVD). So I have two thoughts either the person that wrote the article was inspired or disgruntled. I say inspired for obvious reasons. I say disgruntled because imagine this, you are a hot shot young reporter in the big city of Salt Lake and your editor says, "Hey, new guy come into my office I have an assignment for you." As you walk to the office of the editor you think, 'Oh boy this is my big break.' The editor begins the assignment before you can even get your pencil out. Mid sentence you hear this phrase, 'Fire Preparedness.' You write the article and in an effort to make your work more relevant you start a fire somewhere in the mountains. I have seen this scenario a million times. So if you learn one thing from this, it should be to read the paper and always compliment all news reporters when they write reports that could impact you. If you don't know any news reporters consider yourself lucky. Whenever there is a fire I am reminded of a classic Eric Jones story that took place some years ago. It was a December in the 90's when I received notice from the school office that I would have to walk home because my neighbor's, who was supposed to give me a ride home, house burned down. I had to walk home from school that day. A walk which at that time seemed like a million miles but now I would probably opt to walk to and from school. Anyway the story goes; I was about home when I saw my neighbor who is a year older than me walking from her house to mine, her eyes red from crying because all of her possessions have burned in the house fire. She told me that her house burned down and I don't really remember responding I just remember walking into my house with contention in my heart because doesn't she get it? I had to walk home from school. Looking back on this story and other experience it makes me realize how selfish 99.9% of children are.

Trivia Time: Well in light of the recent disaster in the Salt Lake Valley this week's question is who can prevent forest fires?

On another more exciting topic I was a hero this past week. My daughter was gifted a fan, you know one of those little hand held fans with foam blades, that she loved to death (literally). She killed the fan several weeks ago and we put at the bottom of her toy bin so she would forget about it. Well with mom out of the house the toy bin was completely emptied by her, yes by her, she emptied the whole thing on the ground. Anywho, she found the fan at the bottom of the bin and tried to turn it on, alas it was still dead. So I looked at it and figured I could fix it, after a few minutes and a few inches of ducted tape I had that little fan purring like a kitten. She was so excited she chased the dogs with the fan and giggled the whole time. I was a hero, Super Dad if you will. Shortly after fixing the fan I remembered why I didn't fix it when it broke. I heard her giggling and she was walking toward me with the fan in hand and then whack she hit me in the face with the fan. So what did I do? I became a hero again and gave her an Otterpop. She quickly dropped the fan and I quickly picked up her toys and put the fan at the bottom of the toy bin again.

Have a good week I know I will
Eric Jones

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