Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.47 (Post Christmas Stress Be Gone)

                      Ravings of a Mad Man: vol. 5.47
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt
-Mark Twain

To quote a wise 8-year old, "I told you my [parents] give the best presents and this [gift] total proves it." I am not going to say exactly what they gave all of the kids this year because you don't really need to know that detail in order to enjoy the quote. I am just going to say that it is cute little and you can play with it for hours and hours and it will never smell bad unless you smell bad and your smell gets onto it. I digress.  It was a surprise gift and on a Christmas that I told people, Jenny who told other people, all I wanted was to be alone for the majority of the day the gifts I received were very much so appreciated. My t-shirt collection got a little bit cooler, my Wii game collection got a little bit more modern and the cavities in my teeth are going to get a little bit more cavityer. I also got my Christmas wish of alone time because I had to go check on the dogs at one point during the day and around 3 I was told to take our little angel home because she was turning into a little demon. I did this with a little bit of reservations because once I got home I knew I was going to play Donkey Kong Country (DKC) and once I turned it on it would be super hard to turn it off. I thought it was going to be a lot like my charm. Turns out I don't have the muscles required to play DKC for extended periods of time. Also my charm is easily turned off I discovered because there are a lot of things that make me angry like sinus congestion. Kids are great but they sure make you sick a lot. They say kids are sponges, I know what they mean. I guess really what I am trying to say is that Christmas was very exciting this year as I watched Gigi look at her new toys with excitement well I guess it would have been more a perplexed look that turned into excitement once we told her that the toys are for her. I think the best part of our Christmas morning was once she opened Mr. and Mr. Potato Head (Not a typo for some reason they packaged two Mr. Potato Heads in one package, modern times I guess) she couldn't stop starring at them and she just kept pointing and saying, "Toy Story." I tried to hide them so she could focus on opening other presents but alas she just wanted the Potato Heads. I also wanted to tip my hat to Jenny for getting gifts that our daughter enjoyed. Jenny said, "Do I know our daughter or do I know our daughter?" I am sure if I were in charge of buying gifts for her she would have gotten stuff that I enjoy and potentially she would watch me enjoy the gift. Jennys, every family should have one she makes our family function. She is like the mass in the equation for force. This means I would be acceleration (F = ma), I don't mean that she is big or getting bigger I mean she adds substance to our family that allows our family to generate more force in this world. Isn't that obvious?

Trivia Time: Who will win the Jazz game tonight?

Well as we look to the New Year we have to think of ways we can change ourselves to become better. Personally I don't know how you can improve something that is content with how he is because change is hard. Isn't it easier to not change and just enjoy life the way you have been enjoying it? I think that a better way to make goals for the future is to have other people tell you how to improve. For example if Jenny were to make New Year's resolutions for me they would probably include things like wearing less sweat pants and wearing clothes that only have the minimum number of holes in them. And if I were to set New Year's resolutions for her it would be something like maybe she could learn to relax more. Sometimes watching her do everything she does makes me tired and I have to take a break from one resting position to another resting position. Also please don't point out to me that in order for that particular New Year's resolution to come to fruition I could just help out because man that thought is already bringing me down. I guess when it comes down to it anyway you can make it through this world unscathed then do that, just don't bother other people while you do it.

Have a good week I know I will
Eric Jones

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